Our activity consists of:

– Importing and distributing brands to meet consumer needs,
– Ensuring the total management of these brands with effective and complete support for modern and traditional commerce, via:

  • A sufficient supply to satisfy all customer requests,
  • In-store order taking by our own sales force,
  • The preparation and delivery of orders in each store via our own logistics,
  • Highlights from our promoters,
  • Animation of points of sale through strong and attractive commercial operations.


Simplified joint-stock company with a capital of €500,000 SIRET: 340 917 467 000 29

We operate mainly in all modern and traditional trade, in the departments of BAZAAR, HYGIENE and FOOD.

SME of 25 people, we are organized around 3 axes:

  •  Sales with commercial teams by circuit (GMS / TRAD / CHRD) supported by a marketing center and an ADV service.
  •  Logistics (receipt of goods, storage, preparations, deliveries to points of sale, etc.)
  •  Administration, with accounting / finance and legal.
Our charter:

As an interface between our suppliers and our customers, our success is based on the satisfaction of our partners.

- A numerical distribution and maximum value
- Maximum visibility for their brands
- A coherent and global marketing plan
- The assurance of regular activity monitoring

- A complete and quality service
- A permanent stock
- Impactful promotions
- Powerful merchandising support

14 bis, rue Gustave Eiffel
BP 64 – ZA ravine à Marquet
97419 La Possession

Phone: 02 62 55 23 80
Email: accueil@jddistribution.fr

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Based in La Possession, near the commercial port, the warehouse with a capacity of 2,000 m² includes storage for 2,200 pallet spaces, and 120 in positive cold.

Our fleet of trucks allows us to have up to 6 people simultaneously in the field for a delivery capacity of 24 pallets/day internally, to which delivery can be added by subcontracting.

Our team works in complete autonomy, from the reception of the goods, to the storage, to the delivery to the shelf.